April 29, 2010

April 22, 2010

Spring halos 2010


50 frames.
 In the morning.

April 18, 2010

Low pressure halos


HDR stack
 26 frames.

Common 22 halo


37 hdr frames stack. Here's the same image with Photoshop usm filter to boost the contrast.
Here checking the 46° halo and infralatereal arc. After some heavy usm'ing the first one shows up but just barely. 28 frames.
41 frames stack. I suspected 9° halo but the stack reveals no sign of it.

April 6, 2010

HDR halos


Here trying to preserve the natural look of the display (as was seen with naked eye) using hdr technique.

47 frames stach which is heavily usm'ed. 9° and 46° halo revealed, also tangent arcs and more.
A single shot

April 3, 2010

1st April halos

I know I can do better post-processing than this and really don't know why I bothered myself with this stack. On the other hand, somewhat rare halo form showed up against the sensor noise and artifacts caused by excessive USM sharpening. Can you spot it too ?
Tegelikult ma oskan fotosid paremini töödelda ning need kaks pole mitte parimate killast. Tegelikult kui aus olla, siis ma ei tea üldse miks ma ennast nendega vaevasin. Teisest küljest, peale fototöötlust ning hoolimata fotosensori mürast paljastus mõnevõrra haruldane halo. Kas sina ka märkad seda ?

Halo display

22 haloHalo display