July 26, 2009

Hunting rainbow


July 22, 2009

Amazing NLCs


Fogbow with secondary supernumeraries


Long story short. A divergent light fogbow with the secondary supernumeraries. A very rare catch. You can read all about it at Les Cowley's Atoptics OPOD site.

Unfortunately the fog got me by surprise and I left at home hurry with a battery half charged and forgot the spare one in garage. Due to the battery fail I managed to shoot only a handful of images of which the best are shown here.

This image is enhanced to bring out more clearly the secondary supernumerarie bows.

In the car's headlights, quite mediocre but probably the best I have seen jet.

This is where I photographed the fogbows.
Some random shot while driving in fog.



I was out with the dogs, we got wet and we got a rainbow !

July 9, 2009

Hided 23 parhelia


Yet another afternoon with 23 parhelia.
I got a feeling for pyramidial stuff and set up the halo gear. The sun showed its disk between the clouds for about 3 minutes - the results 12 shots with 10 sec intervals. Enough to reveal 23 parhelia in it's glory.

The clouds still shields the sun. At this point I'm grabbing the camera from the tripod and running away to a house near by me. I used the help of the roof edge to block the unnecessary light coming from the sun.

July 8, 2009

A sundog before leaving the island


A scene at the sea


Parhelic cirle




This display came with a hot weather, the sun was up high slowly burning the living creatures on the field and the air was full of moisture. This is a common summer display when the sun is about 50° above the horizon. Fortunately I finished my job inside and drove ahead on the fields when the first patches of the parhelic circle started to appear.

The bigger white circle is named parhelic circle - a halo of multiple raypaths.
The smaller one is 22° halo with its tangent arcs.
It's also possible to detect a pair of parhelias on the parhelic circle. Their distance increases as the sun gets higher. 12:30-12:40 GMT+2, suns elevation 53.8°

A nice 22 halo and faint tangent arcs between the launch pause.

Around 06:30 GMT+2

23 parhelia, 18 halo


Pyramidial display for 5 minutes only. 23° parhelia and very faint 18° halo.

Later a parhelic cirle for a brief time.