March 31, 2010

Full moon halo

Lunar halo

March 29, 2010



March 24, 2010

Small halo ring

22 halo
22 halo

Foggy rainbow

I love fogbows. Car headlight fogbows and divergent light fogbows 1 2  are ok too, but the natural ones are always a pleasant sight.
Ma armastan udukaari. Autolaternate tekitatud udukaared  ja suunatud tehisvalgusega udukaared 1 2 on põnevad, kuid looduslikud on alati väga meeldiv vaatepilt.


March 21, 2010

HDR test

I thought why not to give HDR technique another try. For this test I used photos from 19.4.2009 display. I captured 3 exposure-set in every 40sec. So it's 45 photos in 10 minutes. Again Photomatix was used to create 15 tone mapped and details enchanced HDR files which were then stacked in Registax. And as always a Photoshop usm filter was applied with moderate settings.

And here is somewhat enhanced verison to bring out the fainter 46° halo.
Mõtlesin, miks mitte anda HDR tehnikale veel üks võimalus. Kuna praegu on halo-vaene periood, siis kasutasin fotosid 19.4.2009 vaatemängust. Iga 40 sekundi tagant sai tehtud särikahvel, seega 10 minuti jooksul klõpsisin 45 fotot. Igast särikahvli kolmest kaadrist tegi Photomatix ühe "tone mapped" ja "details enchanged" HDR faili. Arvestades fotode kogust ja särikahvli jaoks vajalikku 3 kaadrit, tuleb kokku 15 HDR faili, mille stäkkimiseks kasutasin Registax nimelist programmi. Tulemuse laadisin Photoshop'i, kus lisasin USM filtri, et välja tuua mõnevõrra nõrgemad halod.

Siin on samast pildist veel üks töödeldud versioon, et välja tuua 46° halo.

March 18, 2010

Experimenting with HDR

Photographed on 17th March 2010

45 photos where processed in Photomatix which resulted 15 tone mapped HDR files what then were sent to Registax for final output. Afterwards Photoshop CS was used for tone adjustments, USM and for ground replacement from a single frame.

All comments are welcome !!!

22 haloFor this attempt I took 3 photoset (1/1000, 1/1600 and 1/2500) with 25 second intervals. Overall 6 minutes.

22 halo
Now here is a non-HDR stack of 15 frames. Same scene, but frames only with an exposure time of 1/1600sec.

22 haloHere's my best attempt to get the most out of a single frame. Only RAW processing.

22 haloAnd here's another single frame with RAW processing and USM filter.

USM settings were lowered twice compared to the USM settings in stacks above.

After some huge amount of afterprocessing it almost seems that HDR is waste of time especially when trying to keep the typical HDR look as minimal as possible. After comparing these two side-by-side I notice the HDR reveals better colours and contrast but nothing marginal compared to the regular stack. One can almost say, that it all depends on halo display and this one perhaps isn't the best candidate to participate in the HDR-stack vs. regular-stack show. However, a halo display here was an ideal test subject and it's HDR stack turned out petty well.

March 16, 2010

Winter Fogbow


Winter fogbow
A composite of 8 frames.
Fogbow panorama

March 7, 2010

Spring halo

Taken on 25th May 2009.
22 halo

March 1, 2010

Winter halos


halo display22 halo & circumzenithal arc
22 halo
14 frames
22 halo

22 halo stack


22 halo
12 frames
22 halo stack
23 frames
22 halo