February 11, 2009

22 halo


11:40-12:00 GMT+2

The first "serious" display for a long time.
The first picture in row includes 19 stacks, the second has 36 stacks. As the one can find out 10 frames would have been just fine.
A CZA arc was also present later but not much to get excited about...

Esimene "tõsine" vaatemäng peale pikka aega.
Vasakult reast 19 kaadrit, paremal 26 kaadrit. Nagu näha, oleks piisanud 10 kaadrist.
Seniidikaar oli ka nähtaval, aga polnud midagi erilist...

HDR from 3 exposures. I know..I suck in hdr.

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