March 10, 2009


I think these two bows never got uploaded. The first one is pretty interesting. I was driving around hoping to capture some descent fogbows and ended up in gravel-pit at Vasalemma where I never thought to see a one. The second one is from the same pit.
Ma arvan, et neid pilte pole veel keegi näinud. Esimene neist on päris huvitav - killustikuhunnikud tagataustal. Sõitsin tol hommikul autoga ringi, lootes ilusat udukaart pildistada. Mäletan, et Ohtu teelt Vasalemma poole sõites jäi tontlik kaar kohe silma. Udu oli üpris tihe, kuid ilm see-eest pilvitu ja päike tõusis kõrgemale iga minutiga. Sellel hommikul klõpsisin umbes sada pilti. Võibolla penen veel mõned üles.



Ágnes Kiricsi said...

These are really pretty images. I haven't succeeded in photographing a decent fogbow, yet.

Marko Krusel said...

Yes, a good fogbow is hard to come by. Special weather conditions are needed. Usually there's very little chance to spot a one in city area - buildings blocks the view...good places in city are bridges, open water, wide roads, parks etc. Not to mention cloudless sky view and a good layer of fog. It's good idea to check the possible photographing locations before going out in the morning - not doing the homework and running around the city might end up seeing none but the contitions could be ideal.