April 20, 2009

46 degree halo


A nice display. 46° halo, long tangent arcs and more. Later a high sun Parry arc.
Ilus vaatemäng. 46° halo, pikad puutujakaared ja muud halod. Hiljem Parry kaar.

Tangent arcs at its best.
Puutujakaared päeva parimas staadiumis.

I suspected 9° halo...in case below it's clearly not.
Siin kahtlustasin 9° halo...on näha, et seda pole - on ainult kõige tavalisem väikese halo ring.


Ágnes Kiricsi said...

Really nice display! Still nothing over Hungary. Two 22 degree halos per month :(

Marko Krusel said...

Looking your halo stats from previous year I wonder what the heck is going on in Hungarian skies !

On the other hand over here the April has already broke all the previous records and keeps going on.

Ágnes Kiricsi said...

Yeah, I can't understand it, either. The Czech guys are also having bad days. But yesterday a Mediterranean cyclone brought some halos. I'll put the photos online soon.