April 27, 2009

A hot spring day


A short lived display. When I finally got out and set up the gear it was too late. Contrails and other low clouds started ruin the show. Not to mention extremely bright and broad sunlight. It was difficult to measure the light so I snap multiple exposures at time to be safe.
Kiiresti mööduv vaatemäng. Kui ma lõpuks voodist välja ja õue sain oli juba liiga hilja - kondensatsioonipilved ja muud madalad pilved hakkasid peale trügima. Ka valgus pildistamiseks polnud parimate killast, päike ja pilved selle ümber olid pimestavad, seepärast tegin korraga mitu erineva säriga kaadrit, et kindel olla.

9° halo in the afternoon.
9° halo lõuna paiku.

In the evening.


Ágnes Kiricsi said...

It looks as if there was no 22° halo without a 9° one :)

Marko Krusel said...

Yes, a 9 degree halo has become rather common visitor lately. Most of the appearances have been almost non-distinctive except one display. Also stacking technique proves to be very useful.

I have tried to get the RegiStax software to work with my images but seems to me that the automated process is not completely trouble-free.
Perhaps the latest rewrote of the final RegiStax v5 is useful to me...I guess it's worth to try it out once again.

At the moment I'm pleased with the Photoshop CS4. Some of the new features are really helpful, especially the new "pixel grid" function.

Ágnes Kiricsi said...

I haven't tried CS4 yet. What does the "pixel grid" application do?

As for Registax, I've long been having problems with it: it even freezes my computer. That's the reason why you can't see stacked photos in my blog.

Marko Krusel said...

My experience shows that "Pixel grid" helps to align the images more quickly and error free.

Take a look on this example.