July 8, 2009



This display came with a hot weather, the sun was up high slowly burning the living creatures on the field and the air was full of moisture. This is a common summer display when the sun is about 50° above the horizon. Fortunately I finished my job inside and drove ahead on the fields when the first patches of the parhelic circle started to appear.

The bigger white circle is named parhelic circle - a halo of multiple raypaths.
The smaller one is 22° halo with its tangent arcs.
It's also possible to detect a pair of parhelias on the parhelic circle. Their distance increases as the sun gets higher. 12:30-12:40 GMT+2, suns elevation 53.8°

A nice 22 halo and faint tangent arcs between the launch pause.

Around 06:30 GMT+2

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