August 17, 2010

Bright 22 halo

07.6.2010 (17:18 - 17:38 GMT +2, 42 frames)
For this simulation the main contributor are randomly oriented short-shaped column crystals. Minimum amount of plates were used for parhelias and for weak CZA. Long-shaped columns were used for weak tangent arc and for upper suncave Parry arc, the latter shows up faintly on the stacked photograph.
It's worth to mention that in case when randomly oriented long-shaped columns were used the 22 halo bocame very diffuse so shorter columns were needed. The software used for simulating this display is Halopoint 2.0 by Jukka Ruoskanen.

Single frame vs. 42 frames stack comparison
This was one amazing summer display, the sun was low but halo is still full.
47 image stack.

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widi said...

Amazing. Good shot.